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Vocational Candle or Collage

Back in January I introduced my family's art project, Your Personal 2020 Spiritual Focus Candle as a way to clarify your intentions for the new year. Some of you have asked about vocational focus and intentions, how to listen to where Spirit is calling you in your profession.

Below are some questions to work through. Take this process slowly. There is no one right way to do this -- you could take in the questions and go "whole concept" or give a section to each question. Maybe you create a "vocation candle" similar to the art project I referred to earlier. Maybe this is a collage you decorate on a large piece of paper or a binder for your journal. You decide.

If you'd like a companion, I'm happy to journey with you. Each of these questions could easily be an entire session in spiritual direction.

  1. Who called you? What community or specific people?

  2. What are your vocational charisms? Your gifts that you bring to the ministry.

  3. What are your guiding values?

  4. How are you being called to stretch? What do you need to learn?

  5. What ancestor(s) (familial or faith or social locative) will you call upon?

  6. What is your spiritual replenish plan? What will you do when your spiritual well is dry? How will you keep yourself spiritually nourished?

  7. What do you want to ask of the Universe/the God of your understanding?

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