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About Me

My person theology goes like this… We come from Original Blessing of Most Awesome Love. It’s so awesome that science can’t even wrap its arms around it, can’t even capture it within the scientific method and searching equipment.  It’s so awesome it would blow our minds if it revealed itself fully to us.  And when we die, we go back to this Ultimate Source. Every single one of us. And our job on earth is to try to re-member and re-create as best we can.  Holy scriptures talk of building heaven on earth.  Spiritual Director is a religious technology to help people re-member and re-create and then get to building heaven on earth. Ultimately, Spiritual Direction is about your and our collective liberation. 

Along with being a spiritual director, I am also:

  • an ordained Unitarian Universalist clergy, 

  • a credentialed religious educator,

  • a congregational coach and growth strategist,

  • a learning strategist for my denomination's conflict engagement initiative,

  • an affiliate and adjunct professor at two seminaries,

  • wife to Rev. Sue Phillips and parent to a gaggle of home-made and borrowed teen and adult children.

My spiritual practices include morning family chapel, prayer, gardening and communing with ancestors. I am relationally curious and see connections and possibilities everywhere.

About Me: About Me
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