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Family Chapel for the week of June 10

Family Chapel is a way to set your intentions for day with your primary religious community. This week we explore wisdom.

The center candle is lit.

5-10 minutes of silent meditation

A piece of music: Tis a Gift to Be Simple from Penny Rodriquez's The Contemplative Collection



A thousand lifetimes have passed since my Passion first spoke unto me these words: ‘Go forth and speak that which is locked within the timelessness of your soul and trust the listener to understand.’

But the voice of my Wisdom answered:

‘It would be better, perhaps, to leave the Truth unsaid; For the listener shall hear your words that clothe the Truth, but will not see through the veil of their disguise.’

And hearing this caused my Passion to cry, for he knew that Wisdom always spoke with an enlightened reason; And my Wisdom wept also, for there was no joy in being right at his brother’s expense. So now I come unto you that the thirst of my soul be quenched and Truth be unveiled before the eyes of this world.

Daniel from Reflections on the Dawn

“What is rising?” and people speak as Spirit inspires them

“Who has a prayer in them?” and a prayer is offered

The same piece of music

Extinguishing the flame

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