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Bathroom Meditating

I have heard from many of you with small children. At home 24/7. With small children. Trying to keep your wits about, let alone a spiritual connection. I ask my clients about their spiritual practices and often get back maniacal laughter. Are you kidding? What spiritual practices? We're in a pandemic. With small children. Yes, of course. What was I thinking?

If you have access to a shower or bath without interruption (another adult, older child watching the littles or nap time or bed time), try this.

  1. Go in by your self and lock the door.

  2. Get naked.

  3. Three deep cleansing breaths.

  4. Stretch your body and pay close attention to where the tightness and knots are. Get curious. What is the tightness about in that specific area? If an incident or issue comes to mind, invite it to rise to the surface of your skin.

  5. Move on to the next tight or sore bit of the body. Let the issues, confrontations, episodes, chronic knots rise up through your skin and out of your body, your being.

  6. After you've worked through your body and your skin is covered in the issues and incidents, step into the water and let them wash off. Grab a special spiritually ordained soap to really lather them off. Use a scrub brush or other exfoliate if necessary, to effectively remove these intrusions.

  7. Step out of the water, and watch the water along with the issues formerly plaguing you go down the drain. Let the go.

  8. After your bath, dry off with intention and gratitude for your body.

  9. Slather on moisturizing lotion as if it were a special barrier to stress.

  10. Finally, look in the mirror and offer yourself a prayer or intention.

  11. Unlock the door. May you feel more light and more centered.

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