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Faithing Mothers' Day

I was in a panic, because my mother really doesn't need or want anything. What to do for Mother's Day? It occurs to me that what she really craves is deeper connection, appreciation, and witness...

Feel free to borrow this idea and make it your own!

Below are questions that I passed out to family members to answer. We're making a book and adding pictures. Maybe your version will look like taking turns answering these questions around a meal.

Three words to describe mom.

Earliest memory of mom.

Most cherished memory of mom.

Favorite dish she makes.

Funniest thing she ever said.

Wisest thing she ever said.

Something she taught me I'm grateful for.

Something she taught me that I curse, because now I do it, too.

Something you admire about her that you wish you were more like.

Something you admire about her that you're grateful she passed on.

What do you think she thinks about you? How do you think she describes you to other people?

If money weren't an object, what would you give her for mothers' day to show appreciation?

Mothers Day by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 ImageCreator

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I love it! What a great idea. I go through this every year with my mom on Mother's Day and during the holidays. She doesn't need anything for sure other than just time spent together. I think I'll work on a book like this for her for Christmas. Thanks for the idea Tandi!

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